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Kiss Mix is a premium drink with all natural ingredients. Simply put Kiss Mix is fun to drink and taste great! They sent me a 4 pack. Lemon Drop was by far the best. It tasted like real lemonade!! VERY VERY GOOD.. Cosmopolitan was fruity and fresh! The screwdriver was a tad on the twangy side .. The Gin and Tonic.. well I am not a gin and tonic drink nor is hubby but we did try it and let’s say whoever drinks this pushes duckies in the water.LOL, not my cup of tea. But really enjoyed the Lemon drop or garcinia cambogia in Chile and the Cosmopolitan greatly. Start your next party, like the Super Bowl Next weekend or if you and your girls want to have something fun like lemonade to drink around the pool, with a movie or your next pizza get over ti Kiss Mix and get yours! Kiss Mix

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Ok Winter is so here!! That means dry skin, or if you’re like me and menopause has struck then you have dry skin. Also if your like me and have Sjogren Syndrome, which literally dries you out from inside out to be a matter of fact you try every lotion you can get your hands on. Let me say I have found something that is so so worth the search. Farm House Fresh Goods has a 4 pack of hand lotions. Made with Milk. The kicker? they come in yummy flavors. Calamine, Fresh Melon, Ginger Sorbet, and Sweet Cream or garcinia cambogia pura. I opened the caramel first. Let me just say my GOSH did that smell good. I almost thought I would break down and eat my hands that is how much it smelled like caramel. The best part? it was no greasy.\. YEAHHHHHH I hate lotions that grease ya up .. this one is light and airy and o so creamy. I LOVE IT. Each tube I opened was just as wonderful as the last and the aroma stuck with me all day long. Hubby said I’m hungry for ice cream with caramel on it.LOL Ladies get over and get your tube or set of tubes. NOW NOW NOW. Farm House Fresh Goods


Are your kids or grandkids always leaving wets soggy towels on the floor in the bathroom for everyone to trip over or even yet smell up the room? I think every child has done this at one time or another garcinia cambogia extracto efectos secundarios. Well mom, grandma and aunt so and so, Tottels to the rescue! These fun colored towels for kids bathrooms serve many purposes. They are longer for shorter arms to reach on the towel rack. There are adjustable snaps for different lengths to reach the little ones. They are super absorbent and no more stinky towels on the floor for sure. My 5 yr old grandson said to me “Nana I love the fish they are just like in my book you read me” So 2 thumbs up Tottels for making a great product for moms and grandmas ( aka NANA) alike. The bathroom of little ones is not such a scary stinky place anymore!
Ladies get yours here freeshipholiday

There’s always been a high demand for good garcinia cambogia. This is especially true in the spring when everybody is trying to get in shape for the summer. When it’s summer, that means that it’s time to go to the beach. And, when you go to the beach, you want to look your best.

So, that’s why garcinia cambogia is so popular in the spring.

When selecting a garcinia cambogia to purchase, I recommend checking out Garcinia Cambogia Extracto’s website. They show you some of the different side effects you may experience as well as what to do about them. But don’t let the side effects scare you. They are pretty rare and usually just mildly uncomfortable. A lot of it is just from not eating enough because it suppresses your appetite, which is kind of the point anyway.

Just don’t overdo the dieting part and you’ll be fine.

I’ve been taking garcinia cambogia for years and it was hard initially to find one that will ship to Chile, where I live. But, I found a good one that has pure dosages and ships to my country of Chile. You want to check the dosages and not get one of those “blends” that mix in garcinia with a bunch of other stuff. That stuff may work, but I prefer to just have the straight garcinia, if that’s what I’m going to try. I don’t want to be too dependent on any one product in case they stop shipping to Chile. So, I want to know what I’m getting in case I have to start buying from someone else. You can’t do that with “proprietary blends”.

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Eternally Missed

By on 28/03/2017

La comunidad oficial de Muse en Chile, hoy celebra su séptimo aniversario y anuncia su retiro de las pistas.

Eternally Missed es un proyecto nacido el año 2005 en Santiago de Chile,
formado por un grupo reducido de personas quienes compartimos una tremenda devoción
por una (en esas alturas) desconocida banda inglesa, la cual nos llevo a formar
una comunidad que se posicionó dentro de las más destacadas en nuestro país,
siendo una de los fansites pioneros de Muse a nivel sudamericano con garcinia cambogia.

Con mucho esfuerzo y sacrificio trabajamos por la masificación de Muse en Chile,
lo que se coronó con un inolvidable concierto el año 2008, por el que después el mismo
Matt Bellamy nos catalogó como uno de sus lugares favoritos en el mundo para hacer un show.

Ve aqui in Movistar Muse en Chile en 2015.

No siempre pudimos lograr todo lo que nos propusimos, pero aun así estamos muy satisfechos de
haber hecho un trabajo arduo y fructífero sin esperar recibir nada a cambio de los garcinia cambogia efectos secundarios.

Con cariño y mucha nostalgia decidimos que llegó el momento de retirarnos, y esperamos que
nuevas generaciones sigan el camino que empezamos a trazar en el nombre de los de Teigmounth
en esta larga y angosta franja de tierra llamada Chile. La misma banda nos reconoció en persona,
hasta el día de hoy estamos presentes en su sitio oficial: sabemos con certeza de que hicimos un buen trabajo.

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